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Flat tires can be extremely nerve-wracking when you don’t have a spare tire. However, if you ask for help from an amateur company, you have to wait longer for the technician to come and fix that. But now you don’t have to worry about it anymore as New Era Towing has got your back. We are always on our toes to help you no matter what the time it is.

At New Era Towing is the most trusted automotive and tire service name in Greensboro, NC, and its surrounding areas. We have years of experience in this field and have been very competitive since we came into existence. It doesn’t matter if you got a flat tire in the middle of the road at midnight, all you have to do is just give us a ring; we’ll tie you up with our technicians in no time.

Car flat tire repair

Our Services!

If you need a flat tire repair or a complete replacement, we can help you any time of the day. It might seem like it is an easy job, but it isn’t; only a specialized technician is authorized to do it. We are fully certified and skilled in performing all types of repairs to a tire, whether it is a tiny puncture or a deep cut.

Moreover, we offer tire replacement services as well. We have a wide range of brands in our inventory at different price ranges. We deal in all well-known brands like Michelin, Dunlop, Yokohama, Bridgestone, etc.

Safety Measures

We recommend you put your vehicle off the road for your safety and oncoming traffic. Moreover, if your car has a flat tire, we suggest you park your car on the side with hazard lights on. Don’t forget to put on the parking brakes and never stand in front/back of your car while it is parked on a slope.

If you cannot move your vehicle from the road, we suggest you get off the car safely and on the side. It is highly recommended that you put a safety kit in your car like jumper cables, towing rope, etc., for your convenience and safety. And if it is a deserted road, always lock your doors until the help arrives.


Tire Shop Open 24-Hour a day

Our tire shop remains open 24-hour in Greensboro, NC. We are always available to facilitate our customers to the fullest. Nonetheless, we are equipped with all the required tools to fix any type of repair in the shortest period. Moreover, if you can’t afford the new tire, we have good quality used tires that can fit your needs at a fraction of the price.

Moreover, the average tire repair costs $10-$20 depending on the damage, whereas getting a kit costs $9. It depends on which shop you go to; even some of them will patch up your tire for free if you’re lucky enough.


Types OF Tire Repairs

Majorly, there are two types of tire repairs: plug and patch type. Both have their own advantages, and it is completely your choice which you choose. Plug type repair is very easy to go and takes very less time. The technicians usually insert an expandable plug forcefully into the puncture, which secures the tire injury. This is all done without even removing the tire from the car. You can do it on your own by getting a puncture kit from the market, but we strongly recommend going to a licensed repair shop.

However, patch repair is more efficient, and this repair can last longer, even years. It has another name known as a radial patch, which is used to seal up the damage. While you drive, the heat generated in the tire causes it to melt inside the cavity, erasing all repair notices.


Our Technical Staff

Since they are experts, our technicians are equipped with all the latest tools that make their work more efficient. If you have a problem, our technicians will not sit until or unless the work is done. No matter where you are in Greensboro, NC, they’ll get to you in no time. Moreover, they have years of experience under their belt and can easily work on any tire. They’ll do it with utmost perfection whether you need replacement or repair.


Car Towing

Suddenly you come across an unexpected situation where your car stops working in the middle of the road? Please don’t panic.

Truck Towing

Emergency never knocks on the doors, and it comes at you when you least expected it. But we’ve got your back.

Heavy Duty Towing

We not only provide towing services for light vehicles but also recover heavy trucks and 18-wheelers.

Motorcycle towing

We’ll take care of your motorcycle as our own and will tow it to the nearest garage with our supreme towing services.

Roadside Assistance

We are readily available to provide you with the best roadside assistance that you haven’t imagined.

Flat Tire

Flat tire occurrences can make you frustrated. But not when New Era Towing has got your back.


This guy was super fast! It was raining and cold! He said he would be there in 25 mins and he was there in 15 mins. He was supper fast and knew what he was doing! Cost was very affordable! Please take my word and use him for affordable, and fast towing!
jordan leejordan lee
00:46 02 Mar 22
Great Company, I give them 10 out of 5 stars. Excellent customer service, on time, safe and reliable.
Trish Bar-SheltTrish Bar-Shelt
00:04 17 Feb 22
He arrived in 10 minutes. Using his services was truly an experience. He was extremely professional, friendly and reassured us everything was going to be okay.. price was a blessing… please share with your friends and family.
Kurt WaldowskiKurt Waldowski
02:25 19 Jan 22
TLDR: Everyone agrees, call New Era!!!Amazing! We called around a bunch cause we were on the side of the highway and cold…New Era promised and delivered the fastest time by far. They also had very good rates. Extremely nice and passionate guy, was helpful and insightful in many ways above and beyond just getting our car off the highway to a shop. Helped turn a stressful and bad situation around. Thanks so much!!
Mary Breen-LylesMary Breen-Lyles
02:21 19 Jan 22
This guy’s the best! We were stuck in the bitter cold and he was able to pick up all four of us right away and for the best price in town! He was super nice and helpful and his awesome truck took under a minute to hook up our car and get us on our way. Will definitely be calling this guy if I’m ever stranded in Greensboro again.

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